Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick's Day- Green

Book Ideas: Jeremy Bean’s St. Patrick’s Day by Alice Schertle
"Shy Jeremy Bean forgets, much as to his humiliation, to wear green to school for St. Patrick's Day."

A Fine St. Patrick’s Day by Susan Wojciechowski
"Two towns, Tralee and Tralah, compete in an annual St. Patrick's Day decorating contest which Tralah boastfully always wins, but when their hearts are put to the test by a little man with pointed ears, Tralee wins with no effort at all."

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
"Sam-I-am won't give up! He keeps trying to get the grumpy grown-up in the story to taste green eggs and ham. No matter how Sam-I-am presents the green eggs and ham (in a box, with a fox, in the rain, on a train), the curmudgeon refuses to try them. Finally, Sam-I-am's pesky persistence pays off. A crowd of open-mouthed onlookers watch in suspense as the old grouch takes a bite. And?...SAY! The old sourpuss's face is wreathed in smiles as he gratefully acknowledges, 'I do so like green eggs and ham. Thank you, thank you, Sam-I-am!' ."

Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni
"Little blue and little yellow share wonderful adventures. One day, they can't find one another. When they finally meet, they are overjoyed. They hug until they become green. But where did little blue and little yellow go? Are they lost?"

Activity Ideas:
Idea #1: Emergent Reader Leprechaun Book

Read one of the books and then color and put together this emergent reader book. Read it together, pointing to the words as you read them. Then let your child try reading alone. The text is repetitive up till the last to pages. Teach them good reading strategies like looking at the pictures for clues as to what the words say. To print book click here.

Idea #2: Explore mixing Blue and Yellow to make Green

Read one of the books and then explore mixing colors to make green. Pour a little corn syrup into a small ziplock bag. Have your child drop a few drops of blue and yellow into the bag.

Zip the bag closed and then let your child squeeze and massage the bag till the colors mix and make green.

Idea #3: Green collage
Read one of the stories and then look through magazines and newspapers to find green things. Cut them out and glue them onto a large piece of construction paper to make a collage. If you don't have any large paper, cut open a large brown grocery bag and use that as your paper.

Idea #4: Green Jello Art

Read one of the stories and then make your own green pictures using green jello powder and glue.

Have your child draw a picture on a piece of paper and then trace over their drawing with glue.

Pour some jello powder in a small bowl and let your child sprinkle the powder over the glue using a spoon or their fingers. Dust off any loose powder and set aside to dry.

For toddlers, let them just create designs with their glue rather than drawing a picture. Then let them sprinkle the jello powder over the glue and then dust off any loose powder.

Idea #5: Play Red Light/Green Light
Read one of the books and then play the game red light/green light. Create a starting point and have your child stand at the start. Stand several feet away from the starting point with your back to your child. When you say green, your child runs towards you. When you say red you turn around and face your child, and your child has to stop and freeze. Ideally, you would play with more than two people; and the first person to tag you is the winner.

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